Planning, Designing and Implementing BCMS with ISO 22301

Program Description

Business Continuity Management (BCM) involves continuation and recovery of business activities and processes in the event of any disruption. It must be managed through scoping, risk evaluation, business continuity strategy, business continuity objectives, planning, development, socialization, training, testing, reviewing and continual development.

ISO 22301 provides an international best practice framework covering the whole BCM lifecycle. It constitutes of identifying strategic and tactical capability of an organization to plan for and respond to incidents and business disruptions in order to continue business operations at an acceptable pre-defined level and minimize the downtime and impact of disruption as well as speed up the recovery time.

Whether an organization haveyet to encounter serious incidents, establishing a BCMS, based on ISO 22301, helps to identify and value key business processes and disruption that could yield from any threats.

Program Objetives

In details, at the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand how to protect our business ahead of disruption
  2. Understand how to recover business critical functions in crisis situations
  3. Value how to respond to emergency and communicate the crisis
  4. Understand what action needed to  move towards ISO 22301 certification
  5. Improveinternal processes by planning our own business continuity management system.
  6. Protect our organization before, during and after disruptions
  7. Attain confidence on effectiveness and efficiency of our  business continuity management system
  8. Build employee and customer confidence in achieving  ISO 22301 certification
  9. Improved reputation with certification to an international standard

Program Content





Understanding key principles and concepts of business continuity



Identifying objectives, goals and requirements of ISO 22301



Defining critical business functions and potential disruptions



Comprehending Emergency Response



Valuing Crisis Communication and Management



Understanding business continuity management best practice



Designing, planning and implementingour own business continuity management system



Creating business continuity polices, objectives and processes



Socializing, training, exercising and testing BCM



Understanding how to meet ISO 22301 requirements and preparing for the certification




Training Methodology

In order for effective learning and full appreciation, the course will be delivered with 30% of the time devoted to important concepts and other theory topics and 70% allotted for hands-on lab exercise and case studies. Training lead will be assisted by presentation slides and actual demonstrations for clear understanding and smooth follow-through during the sessions. Active participation will be encouraged through individual work and collaborative effort.

Targeted Participants

Those new or experienced risk, business continuity, business unit, quality, health, safety, environmental, operational, Information Security, Information Technology professionals, managers, and consultants who are involved in, in-charge for, or manage business continuity management systems and or introduce ISO 22301 to their organizations.


Goutama Bachtiar

A seasoned enterprise technologist and now budding entrepreneur with 14 years of experiences comprises 12 years of training and education,  7 years of strategic partnership, 8 years of IT Audit, 4 years of service delivery, 8 years of writing and courseware, as well as 6+ years of consulting, software development, project management and network administration.

He has been actively serving as ISACA Subject Matter Expert and Exam Developer along with PMI Program Evaluator and Guest Lecturer in top-tier universities for Master and Undergraduate program, both physical and online, in Indonesia and the U.S.

Various strategic positions he has helmed are Vice Chairman and Acting Chairman, Executive Board Member, Co-Founder, Country Channel Manager, Project Lead and Group Leader. Thus far his project engagement involves broad activities of consultancy, training, content, courseware, copywriting, information systems, enterprise application, programs, web development, to translation.

Today he also has written triple digit articles concerning ICT, management and business in a variety of local and foreign, in leading media and companies. His areas of training are IT Audit, IT Project Management, IT Governance, IT Service Management, COBIT, PMBOK, SEO and Social Media.

Companies he has delivered his trainings are UMW Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Securities Commission, SME Bank, PLN, CIMB Niaga, Aero Systems, Newmont Nusa Tenggara, Artha Graha Bank, Artajasa, Prodia Widyahusada, Thiess, Boehringer Ingelheim, Hokinda Citralestari, DPLK, BPD Jabar Banten, Lintas Media Danawa, Cahaya Listrindo and Universitas Krida Wacana.

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